Allagash Crosspath

With the economy in near-shutdown with COVID-19 it is more important than ever to support your favorite local businesses. I know this isn’t a new theme, I’ve been dropping reminders pretty regularly, and I am also trying to follow my own advice. I’ve been stocking up my fridge with beers from local breweries and adding to my wardrobe and glassware collection from their online stores. I also appreciate it when small breweries make an extra effort to support their local communities. Allagash is heavily involved in the state of Maine, they donate to tons of local charities, and now they are teaming with other breweries and distilleries to make hand sanitizer for local hospitals and other essential businesses. One of Allagash’s newest beers is also a celebration of the great state of Maine. Crosspath is a Belgian-style pale ale brewed entirely with certified organic hops and grains grown in Maine. Allagash Crosspath is available year-round in 16 oz cans and (eventually, at some point again) on draft.

Allagash Crosspath

Allagash Crosspath pours clear light orange with a massive white head. The yeast leads the aroma, fruity and spicy. The yeast also leads the flavor, notes of apricot, peppercorn, and pear. A substantial malt backbone adds touches of whole-grain bread and granola. The hops round out the flavor with hints of lemon and cut grass. This beer fits perfectly into the Allagash lineup, it is complex but everything works well together. Crosspath is medium-bodied and drinks very easy, with a moderate 5.5% ABV. The finish is dry with some lingering flavors imparted by the yeast. This is another excellent Belgian style ale from Allagash, and I love their continued support of local businesses! Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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