Allagash Tiarna

I resisted the urge to start a beer cellar for a long time. Some of it was a stage of life and space issue, but even when those problems were amended I didn’t feel a big need. I typically stock up on quality beers 1-2 times a month and finish most of them before I buy more. This changed when Pretty Things announced that they were closing, I immediately stocked up on some of their beers and started a small cellar, and later added a few ither additions. The issue many beer enthusiasts run into with their special bottles is when to finally crack them open. You want the perfect occasion, but what good is a beer that sits in your cellar forever? Allagash Brewing Company came up with a solution to this with their Drink It Now campaign, a call for all beer enthusiasts to pull out those special beers and share them with friends. You can read more about it HERE. I love the idea of making any Sunday into a special occasion worthy of opening a great beer. Allagash has a number of beers worthy of either holding onto or drinking now, especially their barrel aged and wild ales. A great example is Tiarna, a blend of an ale aged in oak with Brettanomyces and another aged in stainless steel with a combination of Belgian yeast strains. Tiarna is available on a rotating basis in 375 mL bottles.

Allagash TiarnaAllagash Tiarna pours crystal clear pale yellow with a massive white head and vigorous carbonation. The scent is a little like a dry champagne along with a touch of acidity and some fruity hops. Like many of Allagash’s barrel aged beers the flavor is complex but everything seems to work together. The yeast adds some apple and pear along with funky Brett and a mild tartness. The hops are present with notes of pineapple, orange and white grape. Their is also a touch of bready malt and a little oak flavor from the barrels. Tiarna is light and bubbly and drinks very easy for 7.1% ABV. The finish is dry and crisp with lingering flavors from the expressive blend of yeast strains. If you are a fan of wild and barrel aged ales I don’t know that anyone does them better than Allagash, and this is another impressive offering. Buy some and drink it now! Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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