Trillium Six

Happy Mass Beer Week! I hope everyone is celebrating the week by enjoying some delicious local beer and sharing your favorite selections on social media using #MassBeerWeek. There is some more information on special events all week HERE. Due to the current insanity that is my life I doubt I’ll make it to any events this week, […]

Trillium Free Rise Dry-Hopped with Citra

One of my favorite non-traditional beer styles are saisons brewed with substantial additions of New World hops. Some traditionalists scoff at Belgian IPAs/hoppy saisons, but I find these complex and flavorful beers to be interesting and often delicious. Traditional Belgian saison yeast strains contribute a boutique of fruity flavors and aromas to the beer via byproducts in the […]

Trillium Scaled Up

I wish I could drink each beer 3-4 times from different batches before I reviewed it. I suppose I could, but it would mean writing far fewer articles. Every so often I try a beer and something about it tastes “off” to me, it can be actual off flavors in the beer (oxidation, contamination, etc.), that the beer was […]

Trillium Launch Beer

I mentioned yesterday that I visited two new breweries this weekend, the first was Castle Island in Norwood and the second was Trillium Brewing Company’s new location in Canton, a short drive away. Trillium’s line-up of well crafted and inventive ales has resulted in a zealous following, they could hold a bottle release at 2 AM during […]