Allagash Map 40

It is crazy how quickly the idea of Allagash beer in cans became normal. They were one of the last “bigger” local breweries to start canning (aside from one big notable holdout), people were excited when cans of White first dropped, and now it just feels normal to grab many of Allagash’s core and seasonal beers in 16 oz cans. One under-rated piece of the Allagash portfolio is their dark beers. Few breweries can find the right balance between expressive Belgian style yeast strains and rich roasted malts, but Allagash routinely nails in core beers like Allagash Black, limited beers like Hibernal Fluxus, and newer seasonal beers like Haunted House and Map 40. Allagash Map 40 is a Belgian style stout brewed with cold brew coffee from Speckled Ax. It is available on a seasonal basis on draft and in 16 oz cans.

Allagash Map 40

Allagash Map 40 pours nearly black with a solid tan head. The aroma is heavy on the roasted malts and coffee. The malts lead the flavor, notes of dark chocolate, molasses and licorice. The coffee complements these flavors, well represented but not overpowering. The Belgian yeast is subtle, some peppercorn and cardamom. Some earthy and grassy hops round out the flavor and add balance. Lots of different flavors in this beer but they come together pretty well. Map 40 is medium-bodied and smooth, but packs some punch at 7.5% ABV. The finish is dry with some lingering coffee and malt flavors. This beer is what you have come to expect from Allagash, well-crafted, plenty of flavor and everything works. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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