Allagash Crosspath

With the economy in near-shutdown with COVID-19 it is more important than ever to support your favorite local businesses. I know this isn’t a new theme, I’ve been dropping reminders pretty regularly, and I am also trying to follow my own advice. I’ve been stocking up my fridge with beers from local breweries and adding […]

Allagash Map 40

It is crazy how quickly the idea of Allagash beer in cans became normal. They were one of the last “bigger” local breweries to start canning (aside from one big notable holdout), people were excited when cans of White first dropped, and now it just feels normal to grab many of Allagash’s core and seasonal […]

Allagash River Trip

After being one of the most adamant holdouts in the local beer community Allagash Brewing Company has now released a few of their staple beers in cans, conceding to the market that favors easy portability. It was no surprise that one of the first beers Allagash canned for widespread distribution was their flagship Allagash White, […]