Troegs Mad Elf

Some holidays have very defined food and drink standards, like turkey on Thanksgiving, champagne on New Years and obscene amounts of candy on Halloween. Food on Christmas in the U.S. seems to vary from family to family. My parents usually cook up a roast beef or pork while my in-laws enjoy lasagna Christmas Eve and turkey on Christmas Day. There is […]

Troegs Troegenator

I have spent the last few months focused on drinking and reviewing malty beers, especially malty lagers. My frequent readers might notice that there is one style I haven’t touched upon, the dopplebock. I love dopplebocks, bold and malty, but still smooth and drinkable, they are one of my favorite styles of lager. Dopplebocks are […]

Troegs Sunshine Pils

When you mention the town of Hershey, PA most people immediately think of chocolate (and for good reason). While the town is a destination for chocoholics, it has also become an important stop for craft beer fans as the relatively new home of Troegs Brewing Company. Troegs was established in 1997 by brothers Chris and John […]