Medusa Soft Machine

I had an interesting back-and-forth with a national beer writer on Twitter recently. He wrote an article about being burned out on trying NEIPAs, saying that he has tried so many poorly made versions of the style that it has killed all enthusiasm to keep sampling more. As a New England-centric beer writer I actually […]

Oxbow Seaworthy

Lager fans can be extremely particular, especially with “non-traditional” lager styles. While the American craft beer movement was built and has thrived on making ales that defy tradition, many lager enthusiasts prefer their lagers to fit into traditional style guidelines, and many lager-centric brewers are also focused on capturing the essence of the European lagers […]

Notch Polotmavy

I was following a discussion the other day on beer twitter about which beer styles seemed to be fading away due to lack of popularity. The conversation centered on usual suspects that used to be very popular with craft brewers but have lost steam in the hop-centric age of modern craft, styles like brown ale, […]

Untold Dragon Juice

Some small breweries practically brag that they don’t do any marketing, even though it really isn’t true. They might not have an employee in charge of marketing, and they probably don’t pay for advertising, but every brewery does some form of marketing. Social media posts, running a website, hosting tastings, having a logo, and even […]