FAB Squid Pro Quo

New local contract brewery FAB Brewing has gotten off to a very interesting start. Ben Holmes was one of the co-founders of Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville, but had left the brewery to start his own venture with a focus on beer, art, and political activism. After he saw a Trump supporter pop a “baby Trump” […]

The Hard Seltzer Threat to Craft Beer is Overblown (but Big Beer Should Be Worried)

This Fall I was up at my alma mater for a big college rugby team reunion, which featured some extended social time featuring the current team and over 75 alumni from across decades of rugby. It was a great time with old friends and new ones. Being back on campus I noticed a few things […]

Backlash Fenway

It has been a rough few months for Backlash Brewing. In October there were published reports that the landlord who owns their Roxbury brewery and taproom was trying to find another brewery to take over the space. In late December I started hearing rumors that Backlash had closed the taproom, multiple people I know had […]