Foundation Mindstorm

New England breweries that established themselves before the haze-craze took full effect have interesting decisions to make; do they stick to the hoppy beers that established their brand or do they make the juice-bombs that many drinkers are craving? The decision is probably a little easier for breweries that brew English style or even West […]

Foundation Forge

Today I am going to attempt to coin a new beer term, Blue Chip beer styles. Blue Chip Beer styles are the few styles of beer that are most sought out by beer geeks, and making an amazing version of a Blue Chip beer can put a newer or less renowned brewery on the map, locally or even nationally. It […]

Foundation Afterglow

When I make my semi-annual trips up to Maine I try to grab some Maine beers that aren’t distributed in Massachusetts yet. One of the breweries I find myself consistently gravitating towards is Foundation Brewing Company out of Portland. When I first visited Foundation a couple years ago they were just getting started and benefitting from being sandwiched between […]