Wormtown Norm

With the recent announcement that Norm Miller is retiring his popular Beer Nut column as part of a plan to cut back on drinking and focus on his health I thought it was about time to finally review Norm, his eponymous beer from Wormtown Brewery. It helped that Wormtown decided to distribute some of this […]

Wormtown Hopulence

Recently the results for the United States Open Beer Championships were announced, with over 3000 beers submitted and judged in 81 categories. The winner for Grand National Champion was none other than Wormtown Brewery of Worcester, MA (see the full results HERE). Wormtown was awarded three gold and one silver medal. One of Wormtown’s Gold-medal winning submissions was Hopulence, […]

Wormtown Be Hoppy

Worcester, MA got the nickname Wormtown from a local magazine detailing the city’s vibrant punk-rock scene in the late 1970s. The name Wormtown Brewery is fitting both because the beer is brewed in Worcester, and also due to a business philosophy that matches the ideals of punk music. Wormtown aims to be innovative, locally focused […]