Mystic Voltage and Echo

It is no longer news when a brewery starts canning their beers, in fact I’m struggling to think of any Massachusetts breweries with a significant distribution footprint that don’t can. One of the last hold-outs was Mystic Brewing in Chelsea. For years Mystic brewed a lineup dominated by flavorful saisons and other Belgian styles, mostly distributed […]

Mystic Vinland 4

There are a number of local breweries that put out series of one-off or infrequent beers that I look forward to and will buy as soon as I see a new release. At the top of this list is probably the Vinland Series by Mystic Brewery in Chelsea. The term “terrior” is very popular with wine, […]

Mystic Melissa

While many people spent Sunday, February 1st preparing for the Super Bowl, many craft beer enthusiasts were also celebrating International Gruit Day. Gruits are an interesting style, they are beers brewed without hops, using other herbs and spices for flavor and balance. For centuries beer was made with a wide variety of ingredients including local blends of spices used […]

Mystic Descendant

Several factors cause the flavor of beer to change over time. In beers that haven’t been pasteurized (like most craft beers) residual yeast will continue to eat anything that is digestible, adding new flavors to the beer. The hop oils that lead to those beautiful aromas in hop-forward beers are volatile, so they dissipate over time. Most beer styles are best when the […]