Amory’s Tomb/Lost Shoe/Time and Materials The Advancement of Interests

I love Belgian beer all year round, but I have a special affinity for these styles in the springtime. There is something about the expressive Belgian style yeast strains that works incredibly well with the warming weather and blooming plants. While saisons are my favorite spring style I also love bigger Belgian styles, especially tripels […]

Allagash Crosspath

With the economy in near-shutdown with COVID-19 it is more important than ever to support your favorite local businesses. I know this isn’t a new theme, I’ve been dropping reminders pretty regularly, and I am also trying to follow my own advice. I’ve been stocking up my fridge with beers from local breweries and adding […]

Medusa Bad Omen

When I published my picks of 16 Massachusetts breweries that make spectacular beer but fly a little under the radar (link leads to the article, check it out when you get a chance!) I mentioned that one of the things I loved about Medusa Brewing Company in Hudson was their style diversity. When you visit […]

Allagash River Trip

After being one of the most adamant holdouts in the local beer community Allagash Brewing Company has now released a few of their staple beers in cans, conceding to the market that favors easy portability. It was no surprise that one of the first beers Allagash canned for widespread distribution was their flagship Allagash White, […]

Trillium Six

Happy Mass Beer Week! I hope everyone is celebrating the week by enjoying some delicious local beer and sharing your favorite selections on social media using #MassBeerWeek. There is some more information on special events all week HERE. Due to the current insanity that is my life I doubt I’ll make it to any events this week, […]

Berkley Red Rye Ale

After a rough night/day following the turmoil of this country’s political process it’s nice to be back writing about beer. I won’t share any election thoughts, this is strictly a beer blog and I’d like to keep it that way. I think we all could use a couple of beers with friends, or even invite some people with […]