Baxter Hayride

I love seasonal beers, we have such diverse seasons in New England and it is fascinating to see how creative brewers develop beers that complement each unique season. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of ingenuity in the fall. For years most brewers made Oktoberfest/marzen beers as their fall seasonals, and lately it seems like […]

H2H Beer Review: DIPA, Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter vs. Baxter Bootleg Fireworks

IPAs are big business for craft breweries. Beers falling under the IPA umbrella easily outpace other styles in volume of sales. American beer drinkers love the bold hoppy flavors and tongue numbing bitterness, pushing brewers to produce beers with ever climbing IBU and ABV numbers. There are very few breweries that don’t brew a flagship IPA, and many also make big and […]

Baxter Tarnation

Most of the popular styles of craft beer enjoyed in America originated in Germany, Belgium and Great Britian. The American styles of these beers are often quite different, for example an American IPA is much hoppier than a traditional British IPA, however there are few beer styles that are uniquely American. That is starting to change with […]