Notch Cerne Pivo

There is a misconception amongst some beer drinkers that dark colored beers are higher in alcohol than lighter colored beers. I still remember being shocked many years ago when I found out the Guinness Draught was lower in alcohol than Bud Light. Apparently some brewers also believe that dark beers need to be heavy and loaded with booze, the […]

Notch The Mule

Craft beer drinkers can be a particular bunch when it comes to beer style, and also when it comes to beer ingredients. Certain ingredients have gained a reputation as not worthy of craft beer. Some of this is the fault of “big beer”, who has used lower quality filler ingredients as a way to save […]

Notch Saison

It seems like many craft breweries are focused on bigger and bolder beers. Imperial stouts, barleywines and barrel aged strong ales can top out at over 12% ABV. Beers that would have been double IPAs just a few years ago are plain IPAs now. This makes it difficult for some beer lovers to enjoy more […]