Backlash Fenway

It has been a rough few months for Backlash Brewing. In October there were published reports that the landlord who owns their Roxbury brewery and taproom was trying to find another brewery to take over the space. In late December I started hearing rumors that Backlash had closed the taproom, multiple people I know had […]

Backlash Ricochet

Backlash brewing has gone through a number of big changes in the last year plus. Like many brewers they have moved their packaging strategy away from 22 oz. bottles and towards cans. Co-founder Helder Pimentel has been outspoken about the death of large format bottles, customers seem to prefer 4/6/12 packs and breweries that relied on bombers have needed to adapt. […]

Backlash Muerte

This week has seen some true winter weather which means we are fully into porter and stout season. When you ask beer lovers the dominant flavors they taste in a porter or a stout the most common answers will probably be some variations of coffee and chocolate. Brewers are now brewing unique variations of these dark styles that take advantage of these […]

Backlash Oath

Fall is my favorite season of the year, the start to feel a crispness in the air, cook and eat some hearty food, watch football on TV every weekend, maybe even catch some playoff baseball when the Red Sox decide to field a competitive team. This weekend felt like the real start of fall, I had a slab […]

Backlash Chaos

Today I’m talking a little break from my streak of saisons and reviewing a double IPA. Backlash Brewing company has made a name for themselves with bold beers and big attitude, along with one of the most bad-ass logos in local craft beer. In addition to their arsenal of year-round releases, they brew runs of one-off beers that […]

Backlash Redux

Backlash beer was founded by avid homebrewer Helder and his partner-in-crime and inspiration Maggie (along with their bulldog Stout) in 2011. They are a contract brewery operating out of Paper City Brewery in Holyoke. You can find their Belgian ales and double IPAs in 22 oz. bottles and on draft throughout Massachusetts. The beers combine […]