Bent Water G.O.A.T.

Under normal circumstances, the news of arguably the greatest athlete in Boston sports history leaving in free agency would be the biggest topic of conversation in New England for weeks. Clearly, we aren’t living in normal times, and news of a pandemic makes anything to do with sports seem pretty insignificant. That being said, I’ve […]

Dirigo Lager

For many years craft beer set itself up as the alternative to light lagers, deriding the style as yellow fizzy water. The pendulum has started to shift, the fastest growing segments of craft beer are now dominated by lighter lager styles like pilsner and Helles lager. These beers are inspired by the easy drinking but […]

Idle Hands Heide

In shocking news last week Idle Hands and Enlightenment Ales, who had merged into a single operation a couple of years ago, announced that they were closing their brewery in Everett. The company isn’t going out of business! The space they use was sold to the development group building the casino in Everett and the facility is going to […]