Aeronaut Robot Crush

I am a sucker for any kind of beer awards, if I see a listing of best beers I’ll definitely browse through and search for local recipients. I know that there can be issues with these types of awards. The crowd-sourced best beer awards tend to favor whalez, there is a selection bias where the reviewers give higher ratings to […]

Ipswich Riverbend Pils

There are a number of beer styles that work well with hot summer weather and one is clearly pilsner, especially the flavorful versions being produced by many talented American brewers. A crisp, drinkable and flavorful pilsner is perfect for grilling, hanging out at the beach or quenching your thirst after some time outside. My new house […]

Brewmaster Jack Jan

Pilsner is a proud European beer style that has struggled to find a foothold amongst the American beer snob community, mostly because it was the style of choice for behemoths like Bud, Miller and Coors. For many years smaller American brewers left the pilsner style to the macros while they focused on developing bold IPAs and stouts. As a […]

Element Interval Ale

In the increasingly crowded craft beer market it is important for a brewery to do things that are unique and innovative to distinguish itself from the competition. Element Brewing Company of Miller’s Falls, MA has found a few ways to stand out to consumers. One way is their packaging. All of their beers are distributed in 750 […]

Troegs Sunshine Pils

When you mention the town of Hershey, PA most people immediately think of chocolate (and for good reason). While the town is a destination for chocoholics, it has also become an important stop for craft beer fans as the relatively new home of Troegs Brewing Company. Troegs was established in 1997 by brothers Chris and John […]