Allagash White

There are certain beers that I will always associate with specific eras or moments in my life, and Allagash White definitely is one of those beers. About 4.5 years ago I met a girl for a first date. I chose Audubon Circle as the venue, that was always a go-to place for me, cool atmosphere without being stuffy, noise level that […]

Sam Adams Cold Snap

Mentioning Sam Adams beers in the presence of craft beer enthusiasts always elicits a strong response. On one hand, some think Sam Adams is too big to be called a craft brewery. On the other hand Sam Adams has been instrumental in bringing craft beer into the mainstream consciousness. I know I am one of many craft beer […]

Cisco Grey Lady

Cisco Brewers is run by a group of entrepreneurs who manage not only the brewery, but also a vineyard and a distillery in beautiful Nantucket, MA. The vineyard opened in 1981 and the brewery was added in 1992. Cisco Brewers makes a series of year round beers including their very popular Whale’s Tale Pale Ale. […]