Notch Tmavy

With the pandemic shutting down or severely limiting the capacity of taprooms many breweries are finding creative ways to get the beers they brew into the hands of their customers. Some traditional methods continue, like distribution to liquor stores and limited draft sales at restaurants. Beer-to-go at the breweries has continued with carside/no-contact pickups encouraged. […]

Schilling Modernism

I am a big fan of dark lagers, I love the combination of roasted malt flavor in a clean lager body. Unfortunately, relatively few brewers take on dark lager styles, most of the craft lager beers are light styles like pilsner and Helles lager or cross-over “IPLs” that are loaded with hops. From what I’ve […]

Notch Cerne Pivo

There is a misconception amongst some beer drinkers that dark colored beers are higher in alcohol than lighter colored beers. I still remember being shocked many years ago when I found out the Guinness Draught was lower in alcohol than Bud Light. Apparently some brewers also believe that dark beers need to be heavy and loaded with booze, the […]