Mayflower X

In many industries a company that’s ten years old is still relatively early into their lifespan and just establishing themselves in the minds of their competition. Craft beer is a very different beast, a 10 year old brewery is a grizzled industry veteran that was around before the current explosion of new breweries. It will […]

Mayflower Hometown Brown

My opinions of brown ales has come full circle. When I first started drinking craft beers the smooth, slightly sweet and approachable brown ales were one of the first styles I gravitated to. As my tastes evolved and bold, hop-bomb IPAs became new beers of choice I dismissed brown ales as one-note. I’ve come back around recently, while they still are not […]

Mayflower Standish

My neighborhood in Watertown is a little hit-or-miss for trick-or-treaters (needless to say Halloween was a night in, I am old and have a baby, so even with the holiday falling on a Saturday there was no way I was going out myself). Most of the people in our area have lived here forever or are the late 20s/early […]

Mayflower Squanto

I’ve written a number of articles about the evolution of established local breweries in the wake of increased competition. Another interesting case is Mayflower Brewing Company in Plymouth, MA. For years Mayflower was known for a solid lineup of no-nonsense, traditional British beer styles, led by their outstanding Mayflower Porter. Over the last few years they have expanded their seasonal line-up, with strong showings from […]