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Springdale Solid State and Kriek Mythology

A couple months ago I wrote about my first visit to the Springdale Brewery, an offshoot of Jack’s Abby that specializes in ales (while Jack’s Abby does all lagers). While they brew a wide variety of beers Springdale seems to have two focuses. The first is IPAs, they make a variety of delicious hop-bomb beers. I reviewed a couple of their IPA’s as part of my initial article. Their second focus is barrel aged beers, especially sours and beers fermented with Brettanomyces. I enjoyed a couple of these at the brewery, and on my second trip I made sure to grab a few bottles. I also grabbed a stockpile of IPAs in cans, just walked right in, grabbed them and paid. Delicious, high quality IPAs with no lines. Anyways, the bottles I grabbed were Solid State, a golden ale fermented with Brettanomyces, and Kreik Mythology, and oak aged sour beer with cherries. Springdale’s barrel aged beers are all available on draft and some are also sold in 500 mL bottles.

Springdale Solid StateSpringdale Solid State pours hazy straw yellow with a small white head. The scent is mostly from the yeast, funky and fruity. The yeast also leads the flavor, hints of apricot, pear, clove and the distinct barnyard flavor imparted by Brettanomyces. There is some malt, notes of whole grain bread and cereal. A touch of earthy and grassy hops round out the flavor. Solid State is very light and easy to drink, and an ideal session beer at 4.0% ABV. The finish is dry with some lingering yeast flavors. Springdale Solid State is a very nice beer, it balances flavor and drinkability and showcases the Brettanomyces. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

Springdale Kriek MythologySpringdale Kriek Mythology pours deep maroon with a solid white head. The scent is fruity and acidic, you know this is a sour beer before you even take a sip. The flavors imparted by the barrel aging take the lead, cherry, oak and vanilla. The fermentation adds lemon and sour apple along with a tart bite. Kreik Mythology is light bodied and drinkable, not too boozy at 6.5% ABV. The finish is dry with lingering cherry flavor and sour pucker. I won’t claim to be an expert on the kriek style, so take this rating with a grain of salt, but I enjoyed this beer, flavorful and the sourness is present but not overpowering. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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Springdale Amirite?! and Good N’ You?

Springdale Amirite?! and Good N’ You

When I attended the Mass Brew Bros. blind tasting of local stouts there was animated conversation amongst the tasters covering all aspects of the local beer scene. One brewery that many talked about in glowing terms was Springdale Brewing, the offshoot of Jack’s Abby that focuses on ales, sours and barrel aged beers. A few of the other beer enthusiasts compared Springdale’s beers favorably to the offerings from some of the most popular breweries in the state. I was a little ashamed to admit that I hadn’t made the trek to Springdale yet, it’s been on my to-do list since the day it opened and I hadn’t found the time. Fortunately I needed something to do for my brother’s birthday, so we grabbed lunch at Jack’s Abby and then a flight of beers at Springdale. I was very impressed by everything I tasted, a nice mix of hoppy, malty, funky and sour offerings. Springdale also cans a number of their IPAs so I grabbed a selection to take home and review. Spoiler alert: these beers were all stellar and I will be making trips to Framingham on a much more regular basis.

Springdale AmiriteSpringdale Amirite?! pours hazy yellow with a massive white head. The aroma is a solid burst of hops, mostly tropical fruit. The flavor is also very hop forward, notes of guava, honeydew and tangerine along with minimal bitterness, this is definitely a New England style IPA. There is just enough malt for balance, hints of bread crust and honey. Amirite?! is very easy to drink, light and refreshing, but packs some punch at 7.3% ABV. The finish is crisp with some lingering fruity hop flavors. This beer is very good, if you like the fruit-forward NE Style IPAs you need to give this a shot. Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

Springdale Good N YouSpringdale Good N’ You pours cloudy straw yellow with a solid white head. The scent is a big hit of hops, lots of citrus and some tropical fruit. The hops also lead the flavor, hints of passion fruit, grapefruit, tangerine plus a little pine. Good N’ You would still fall into the New England IPA style but it has a little more bitterness than many beers in the category. The malts round out the flavor with notes of crackers and white bread. Good N’ You is smooth and very drinkable, and a little less boozy at 6.5% ABV. The finish features some strong hop flavors and a crisp bitter bite. This is a top notch IPA, my personal favorite amongst the beers I tasted at Springdale. Hoppy Boston score: 4.75/5.