Schilling Erastus

When you ask beer fans about their go-to fall beer styles you’ll probably get 3 major answers; marzen/Oktoberfest, pumpkin beers, and IPAs (from the hop heads who drink only IPA all year long). A couple other styles might trickle in, brown/copper/amber ales or lagers, maybe porters/stouts/dark lagers as the weather gets chilly, and the wet-hopped […]

Overshores Tripel Brun

I first tried selections from Overshores Brewing Company last summer when I stopped in Connecticut on the tail end of a business trip to grab some local beers that weren’t distributed in Massachusetts yet. Recently Overshores has expanded distribution, so now their innovative versions of traditional Belgian beer styles can be found locally. As part […]

Westmalle Tripel

My beer of the month for March is the Belgian tripel, characterized by it’s light color, expressive yeast and big ABVs due to the use of light Belgian candi sugar in the brewing process. After churning through porter reviews in February I have come up a little light on tripels to review, I reached out […]

Two Roads Rye 95

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been on a bit of a rye beer kick recently. The subtle spicy flavor of rye can add complexity when used as a minor adjunct grain or major flavor when a more generous portion is added to the mash. American craft brewers have predominantly used rye in two styles of […]