Aeronaut Tiny Moons

With everything happening in the country this year it is no surprise that discussions on inclusion, opportunity, diversity and social justice are taking place across many industries and platforms. I know these discussions are happening in biotech and pharma, an industry where I work as my “real job”, and another place where certain minority groups […]

Exhibit A Danko

Happy Massachusetts Beer Week! If I had my stuff together I would have had a whole series of articles lined up about the great beers in the state that you need to try, but I was in Maine with friends last weekend and I fell behind on getting my links article out, so all I […]

Baxter Hayride

I love seasonal beers, we have such diverse seasons in New England and it is fascinating to see how creative brewers develop beers that complement each unique season. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of ingenuity in the fall. For years most brewers made Oktoberfest/marzen beers as their fall seasonals, and lately it seems like […]