Medusa Polar Vortex

There are many great things about social media, especially in times of isolation. I have built the majority of my following for Hoppy Boston through my social accounts, and met a ton of awesome people who have become virtual and in a few cases real-life friends. There is also a ton of crap on social media, giving everyone a voice means many people can opine on topics they know nothing about, and find an audience for fringe ideas. Social media is a big reason why we have people taking health advice from celebrities instead of doctors and is the place where ridiculous conspiracy theories gain traction. My interactions on beer social media have been overwhelmingly positive, while there are occasionally trolls and jerks the majority of people I chat with are knowledgeable or trying to learn more. I can even take it in stride when people get way too worked up over whatever the debate topic of the day is. There is one type of social media personality I can’t stand, the dude (and it is almost always a dude) who thinks he knows everything, will loudly state his opinions to anyone who will listen and quickly reveals that he knows absolutely nothing about beer.

Why am I writing all of this as a preamble to a review of Medusa Polar Vortex? Well, a month or so back, when Medusa announced Polar Vortex on Instagram, one of these no-nothing loudmouths decided it was a good time to put his complete ignorance on display. He started trashing Medusa because the beer was “only” 5.8% ABV, claiming that a stout at that level was “watered down”. A few people engaged and the dude just shot back BS, trashing other breweries in the process. Whoever manages the social accounts at Medusa, to their credit and as a testament to their patience, calmly posted the BJCP style guidelines for an oatmeal stout and then didn’t engage further. The dude dismissed the guidelines as “one person’s opinion”, completely missing the irony of that statement. I chose not to engage, starting a separate thread on Twitter making fun of dude instead, which was much more fun and less aggravating. The lessons here are clear; don’t rip on talented breweries about how they design their beers, they clearly know more than some random dude on Instagram, and when presented with evidence that refutes your point don’t double down. Basically, don’t be that dude. Anyways, Medusa Polar Vortex is available now in 16 oz cans. Support their brewery because they are good people making awesome beer.

Medusa Polar Vortex

Medusa Polar Vortex pours nearly black with a small light brown head. The aroma features some rich roasted malt. These malts lead the flavor too, notes of chocolate, toffee, and bread dough. This is balanced by some subtle hops, just a little late earthy bitterness. Polar Vortex has a medium towards full-body, and is in no way watered down, the 5.8% ABV is completely appropriate for the style. The finish is full with some lingering roasted malt flavor. This is another excellent beer from Medusa, tons of flavor and well crafted. Grab some on your next beer run and make sure you support your local breweries! Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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