Medusa Slow Dog

When fall rolls around two beer styles get an inordinate amount of attention; Oktoberfest/marzens (yum) and pumpkin beers (hard pass for me, but to each their own). I think there are a few other styles that are perfect for fall weather but get overlooked. One of the tops on my list is brown ales. Once a staple style at every craft brewery, or to be completely accurate a staple at every microbrewery since that is what they were called way back when, brown ales have fallen far out of style in the current hop-centric market. I won’t claim that browns are close to my favorite beer style, but I usually enjoy a handful of them in the fall. One tasty new-to-me brown ale is Slow Dog from Medusa Brewing Company. I love how Medusa is willing to take on a wide variety of beer styles, from the ultra-trendy NEIPAs to underappreciated styles like Scottish ales and brown ales. Medusa Slow Dog is available on a rotating basis on draft and in 16 oz cans.    Medusa Slow Dog

Medusa Slow Dog pours deep brown with a massive tan head. The aroma is mild, just a bit of toasted malts. The flavor is malt-forward as you would expect from the style, notes of brown sugar, caramel, and whole-grain bread along with a hint of sweetness. This is balanced by some mild earthy and floral hops. Slow Dog is medium-bodied, smooth and not overly boozy at 5.6% ABV. The finish is rich with some lingering malt flavor and sweetness. Overall Slow Dig is a really nice brown ale, a great beer for fall. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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