Trillium Wakerobin Rye

One of the rising stars in the Boston beer scene is Trillium Brewing Company, located in the Fort Point area of Boston. Trillium brews a series of English and Belgian style ales. Their beers can be found at a number of local bars, and they offer growler fills at the brewery. Trillium has recently obtained a license to give samples out at the brewery as well, so you can taste what is available before you get your growler filled. There are rumors that Trillium beers will be available in bottles soon, I’ll keep you updated when I hear more. One of Trillium’s flagship beers is Wakerobin Rye, an ale brewed with two types of rye and their in-house strain of Belgian farmhouse yeast. Rye beers are notoriously difficult to make well, the grain provides a strong flavor that can easily overwhelm the palate. When they are done correctly the grain can provide a great complement to hop bitterness and estery yeast flavors.

Trillium WakerobinTrillium Wakerobin Rye pours a medium reddish brown with a mild white head (not as cloudy as it looks in the picture, the flash on my phone was a little haywire that day). The rye comes through immediately in the smell, spicy and toasted notes, followed by some mild earthy hops. The rye also dominates the first taste, peppery with a distinct quality of warming spice. The hops also add strong flavors, some citrus and pine notes that form a nice interplay with the rye. The Belgian style yeast adds a touch of fruity ester flavor, but this is mild compared to the hop and rye tastes. The beer is medium bodied, well-carbonated, and easy to drink. There is a pleasantly bitter aftertaste from the hops that keeps you coming back for more. Trillium Wakerobin weighs in at 7.4% ABV, which is on the high end for this style, but you don’t taste the alcohol at all. Overall a very nice offering, I’ll be seeking out more of Trillium’s brews in the near future. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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