Hoppy Boston Best Beers: Spring 2020

With all of the shit happening in the country/world right now my Hoppy Boston focus has been mostly on beer reviews this spring. The advantage to that is that I’ve tried enough awesome beers to put together a “Best Beers” article for the last three months, something that is becoming infrequent recently on Hoppy Boston (although I have a feeling that there will be another in the summer, I have already taken notes on two beers that make the grade). As always, all of these beers have been added to the My Favorite Beers tab and the links lead to the full beer reviews. Feel free to send along any ideas of beers you think I might have missed and you feel warrant consideration!

Lost Shoe Size 10: Everything you want in a Belgian style quad, rich malty flavor, complex interplay with the expressive yeast and just enough warming booze so you know you’re drinking a big beer. Awesome beer.

Austin Street Patina: Possible my favorite local pale ale. Loads of hop flavor and aroma without overwhelming the palate. I am so glad this beer is available in Massachusetts now, although it sells out really quickly when it drops.

Night Shift Fluffinity: Everything you want in a NEIPA, just loads of bright and juicy hop with just enough balance to remind you that it’s a beer. I hope this becomes a regular release, it is my favorite NEIPA I’ve had from Night Shift.

That is it for the spring, thanks for reading and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and enjoying plenty of delicious beers!

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