A Beer for Everyone at Your Super Bowl Party: 2018 Edition

As a bit of a joke in 2015 I wrote a satirical article suggesting a beer for each “type” of person that might attend your Super Bowl party. Then this happened:


With the Patriots return to the Super Bowl last year I knocked out a follow up article, and then we saw this:

28 to 3

The logical part of me fully realizes that the Hoppy Boston articles had no effect on the dramatic wins by my favorite team, even suggesting such a thing would be ridiculous. That being said, there was a 100% chance I was writing another version of this article as soon as the Patriots completed their epic comeback against Jacksonville in the AFC Championship game. This article is flagrantly pro-Patriots, so fans of every other team, who are probably rooting for the Eagles on Sunday, might want to skip it.

Trillium Night and Day: For all Patriots fans of a certain age who cut their teeth on the late 80’s/early 90’s teams that were the laughingstock of the league and now get to enjoy the dominance of the last 17 years. This rich and boozy stout is perfect to sip and contemplate.

Mystic Day of Doom: An even boozier beer to remind us all that this run of excellence will end (and probably pretty soon), so we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

Harpoon Take 5: A smooth and easy to drink session IPA to celebrate the 5 championships the Patriots already have while still hoping for more.

Lamplighter Major Tom: A bold and hoppy IPA to that might be named for a David Bowie song, but is perfect for the G.O.A.T.

Night Shift 87: For Rob Gronkowski fans, and really how can you not be a fan of Gronk, he is such a unique talent. So glad he is cleared to play this weekend. Plus, while I think he is more of a macro-beer drinker, I think Gronk would appreciate a boozy DIPA with his number on the can.

CBC Tripel Threat: For receiver, runner and punt returner extraordinaire Danny Amendola. I almost chose another CBC beer called Little Creatures, which would be appropriate if a little mean.

Jack’s Abby’s Post Shift Pilsner: A working man’s pilsner perfect for a team whose motto is Do Your Job.

Night Shift Dynasty: Goes without explanation (I haven’t actually tried this beer yet, but I’ve heard it’s amazing).

Slumbrew Flagraiser: To celebrate the raising of banner #6 in the fall (we hope).

That’s it for this year. Go Pats, hopefully we are celebrating a win on Sunday and I am writing this article again next winter!


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