A Perfect Beer For Every Type of Person at Your Super Bowl Party

Sunday is the Super Bowl, an unofficial American holiday where you get together with friends and family, make enormous portions of delicious food, and try to forget the horrible year the NFL has had. A huge part of the celebration is beer. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest beer-drinking days of the year. With so many beer options how do you stock your fridge with beers that will please the diverse palates of your guests? Here are a few (tongue in cheek) suggestions that should satisfy all of the different types of beer drinkers at your Super Bowl Party.

The traditionalist: Sam Adams Boston Lager: A classic for a reason, just like the Steve Grogan jersey this guy bought in 1985 and still wears. Plus, the bottle says brewer, Patriot!

The responsible person who still has to wake up early on Monday: Notch Left of The Dial: Session beers are a good idea for everyone really. It’s a long day and most of us need to work in the morning.

The degenerate gambler: Two Roads Road 2 Ruin: Have a friend who tied up their life savings in a convoluted parlay bet that includes the result of the coin flip and length of the national anthem? Give them this bold DIPA with a title that reminds them there is a reason a so many people bid on the MA casino licenses, and it’s not because the gamblers come out ahead.

The person who ordered a Jonas Gray jersey during his one 200 yard rushing game: Trillium FB-90: Some people always need the newest and coolest, they want to be the trend setter. Grab them a bottle of the newest DIPA from one of the trendiest breweries in the area.

The Julian Edelman fan: Cambridge Brewing Company Triple Threat: He catches the ball, runs, even throws passes, a Triple Threat beer for a triple threat on the field.

Anyone who mentions Deflategate: Bog Iron Babalu: A lambic style aged in chardonnay barrels, because this whole “scandal” is really just sour grapes.

The beer geek who could care less about football: Mystic Melissa: Superbowl Sunday is also International Gruit Day, a celebration of beers spiced with ingredients other than hops. Let this beer geek celebrate in their own way while you enjoy the game.

The Ravens/Colts/Broncos Fan who is rooting for Seattle just to troll the Pats fans in the room: That 9-month old bottle of DIPA in the back of your fridge that you’ve been meaning to dump out. Just tasteless and bitter.

Beer to break out on the off-chance that the Pats are losing: Backlash Comeback: We’ve seen some crazy comebacks in these playoffs, why not another in the Super Bowl?

How to toast the Seahawks on the unlikely chance that they win: Milwaukee’s Best Ice: The only taste worse than Beast Ice is the taste of defeat.

Beer to celebrate the Patriots winning the Super Bowl: Enlightenment Biere Brut: A beer lovers alternative to champagne, pop the cork and celebrate.

Have fun, be safe and GO PATS!


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