Jack’s Abby Framinghammer

This will be the final beer review of porter month on Hoppy Boston, I’ll do a recap on Monday and then move on to a new style for March. I have focused my reviews on a number of new-to-me beers, but I am going to wrap it up with an old favorite, Framinghammer Baltic Porter from Jack’s Abby Brewing Company. Baltic porter is a slightly different style than traditional porter, it is brewed with lager yeast at lower temperature while traditional porters are ales. Baltic porters are also usually very boozy, with ABVs up into the double digits. I considered keeping Baltic porter as a completely separate style, but there aren’t enough of them to warrant their own month so I decided to lump both types of porter together. I also found Framinghammer on the shelves at a local bottle shop and needed to grab some. Many people seek out the barrel aged variants of this beer, and I have enjoyed those in the past, but I still prefer the original. Jack’s Abby Framinghammer is released in the late winter/early spring on draft and in 12 oz bottles.

Jack's Abby FraminghammerJack’s Abby Framinghammer pours midnight black with a mild tan head. The aroma is light, some roasted malts. There is nothing light about the flavor though, there is plenty of dark malts here, notes of dark chocolate, raisin, toffee and date. There are minimal hops, just enough to keep the malt sweetness in check. The number one thing that always blows me away when I drink Framinghammer is how easy it is to drink, silky and smooth with only the faintest hint of alcohol despite the hefty 10% ABV. The finish is clean and crisp, even with the big flavors and high booze this is still clearly a lager beer. I am glad I am wrapping up porter month with Jack’s Abby Framinghammer, it is a remarkable, unique and delicious beer. Hoppy Boston score: 4.75/5.

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