Trillium Pot and Kettle

We are in the final week of porter month on Hoppy Boston, I have three reviews this week (all porters) and then I’ll summarize next Monday. Today I am writing up Pot and Kettle, the oatmeal porter from Trillium Brewing Company in Boston (and now also in Canton). Trillium is definitely best known for their hoppy beers, their stable of pale ales, IPAs and DIPAs are the driving force behind their recent expansion. While I love a number of Trillium’s hop-forward offerings, I have also enjoyed an array of other beers from the brewery. Pot and Kettle has been a mainstay in their lineup from the early days. The addition of oatmeal doesn’t add a ton of flavor but it adds body, giving that rich and full mouth-feel that you want from a great dark beer. The addition of oats is usually reserved for stouts, and it’s interesting that Trillium named this beer a porter and not an oatmeal stout. I guess it shows you how fuzzy the line is between the two styles, it is really up to the brewer to call the beer what they want. Trillium Pot and Kettle is available on a rotating basis on draft and in 750 mL bottles. One big advantage of the expansion, you can now also find Trillium beers in many local stores!

Trillium Pot and KettleTrillium Pot and Kettle pours pitch black with a mild off-white head. The aroma is full of rich and dark roasted malt. The beer is very malt forward, notes of milk chocolate, caramel, espresso, date and tobacco. This is balanced by just a touch of earthy hops that add some late bitterness and help keep the beer from being sweet. The addition of oats means a full body, but the beer is pretty easy to drink at 7.5% ABV, you get just a hint of warming alcohol in the flavor. The finish is clean and dry with a little lingering dark malt flavor. I really enjoy Pot and Kettle, it is different than a lot of porters on the market but still delicious. On your next trip to Trillium to stock up on IPAs you should diversify a little and try a couple bottles of porter! Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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