Troegs Sunshine Pils

When you mention the town of Hershey, PA most people immediately think of chocolate (and for good reason). While the town is a destination for chocoholics, it has also become an important stop for craft beer fans as the relatively new home of Troegs Brewing Company. Troegs was established in 1997 by brothers Chris and John Trogner. Inspired by the flavorful and inventive beers they were tasting in Philadelphia and Colorado, the brothers each decided that they wanted to start their own brewery that would mix Old World brewing traditions with American innovation. Troegs now distributes their line of year-round and seasonal beers to 8 states and Washington DC, with plans to expand distribution over the next few years. Troegs summer seasonal is Sunshine Pils, a well-hopped European pilsner. Troegs Sunshine Pils is available all summer on draft and in 12 oz. cans and bottles.

Troegs Sunshine PilsTroegs Sunshine Pils pours a hay yellow, crystal clear with a moderate white head. The smell is pretty mild, some earthy hops and a touch of malt. The hops are more noticeable in the flavor, with hints of pine, lemon and orange. This isn’t a hoppy beer, the flavors are evident but subtle. The light pilsner malts are also well represented, with notes of grainy bread and biscuits. The beer is very light and easy to drink, but still full flavored. At 4.5% ABV it is sessionable, I could easily crush a few of these while I BBQ. The finish is very clean, with a nice crisp bite at the finish. Troegs Sunshine Pils is a great example of a US craft pilsner, complex but still light bodied and drinkable. Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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