Relic The Fletcher

This spring I bemoaned the lack of Connecticut beers available in Massachusetts. I wanted this blog to cover breweries throughout New England, but I had reviewed very few CT beers. The beer scene in CT was somewhat limited for a long time, but it has expanded rapidly over the last few years. I ended up making a stop at Craft […]

Geary’s Ixnay

Gluten, the group of proteins in wheat, barley and rye that give bread its structure, has been in the news a lot lately. Many people are adopting a gluten-free diet either due to a diagnosis of celiac disease, an allergy or sensitivity to the protein, or personal choice. During the brewing process gluten is one of many proteins […]

Summer Beers: Slumbrew Island Day and Sebago Simmer Down

Although I have been drinking a lot of craft pilsners during these warm summer days, I also love light-bodied hoppy beers when it’s hot and humid. In particular, the bright and fruity flavors of American style hops are a perfect complement to a summer BBQ. A couple summer beers I tried recently fit this description. They are light and drinkable, but feature […]