Berkley Red Rye Ale

After a rough night/day following the turmoil of this country’s political process it’s nice to be back writing about beer. I won’t share any election thoughts, this is strictly a beer blog and I’d like to keep it that way. I think we all could use a couple of beers with friends, or even invite some people with […]

Westmalle Tripel

My beer of the month for March is the Belgian tripel, characterized by it’s light color, expressive yeast and big ABVs due to the use of light Belgian candi sugar in the brewing process. After churning through porter reviews in February I have come up a little light on tripels to review, I reached out […]

Night Shift Awake

I am starting a new feature on Hoppy Boston, each month I will pick a different beer style as the focus of my reviews. I’ll still mix it up to keep pace with interesting new releases, but the style of the month will dominate. I am going to try and stick to some less-heralded styles, I want to find more […]