Untold Dragon Juice

Some small breweries practically brag that they don’t do any marketing, even though it really isn’t true. They might not have an employee in charge of marketing, and they probably don’t pay for advertising, but every brewery does some form of marketing. Social media posts, running a website, hosting tastings, having a logo, and even the sign on the brewery are all forms of marketing. An important, but often overlooked, form of marketing are the names and labels of beers. This is especially important with distribution, when customers have a huge selection of beers to potentially purchase they will be drawn to beers with interesting labels and names. A great example is Dragon Juice, an IPA from Untold Brewing in Scituate. I’ve enjoyed a variety of beers from Untold in the past and would probably try this IPA regardless, but there is a 100% chance I am trying a beer named Dragon Juice. Some people try to say that the beer inside is the only thing that matters, but when I am picking out new beers to try I am unashamed to admit that beers with interesting names and cool can art aren’t getting skipped. Untold Dragon Juice is brewed with Centennial and Styrian Dragon hops and is available on a rotating basis in 16 oz cans.

Untold Dragon Juice

Untold Dragon Juice pours slightly hazy deep yellow with a solid white head. There are some hops on the nose, fruity and a little floral. The flavor is also hop-forward, notes of grapefruit, lemon, and guava along with a little bitter bite, this is more of a hybrid American IPA than a full-blown NEIPA. The hops are balanced by some light malts, hints of crackers and cereal. Dragon Juice is medium-bodied and easy drinking, not overdone at 6.4% ABV. The finish is crisp with a bit of lingering hop flavor. Dragon Juice is a quality IPA, plenty of flavor and very refreshing! Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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