Poll: Best Articles on Hoppy Boston This Year

Every year the North American Guild of Beer Writers hands out a series of awards at the Great American Beer Festival for the best in beer writing from the past year. Anyone can enter in a number of different categories, and I thought I would put Hoppy Boston up for best beer blog this year. I don’t expect to win, there are a ton of awesome beer blogs out there, but it is worth a shot. As part of the entry, I need to submit the three best articles I wrote this year for judgment. I am having trouble choosing, so I thought I would throw it to my readers, let you all pick your favorite articles I’ve posted this year. For your convenience, I narrowed down the nominees, have links to the full articles below in case you missed any of them, and have an extremely convenient poll at the end of this post, pick up to three articles that you enjoyed. Thanks for your help!

My Love/Hate Relationship With Untappd

The Best Things For a Beer Geek to do on Their Birthday, Ranked

Local Beers to Pair With My Favorite Pearl Jam Songs

Local Beers to Pair With My Favorite Chris Cornell Songs

Some Thoughts on the Trillium Debacle

Hoppy Boston Goes to Hill Farmstead

The Biggest Stories in Local Beer in 2018

In Defense of Beer Flights

Put Packaged-On Dates on Your Beer!

How Hard is it to Name a New Beer?

How We Can Break The Craft Beer Hype Cycle

Drink More Saison This Spring

Some Thoughts on Beer Ratings and Reviews


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