Hoppy Boston’s Best Beers: Spring 2019

After focusing a lot of my winter writing (and drinking) on bold, boozy, and malty dark beers I switched gears this spring, as I usually do once the weather starts to warm. I drank a whole hodgepodge of styles over the last three months, hop-bombs, Belgians, lagers, I even wrote up the first English style old ale in Hoppy Boston’s history. After all of that, here are the four best beers I reviewed over the last three months, as always all four beers have been added to the My Favorite Beers tab on the front page of Hoppy Boston. One other commonality between the beers featured this quarter, all were purchased at bottle shops, no line waiting required. Grab these 4 when you get a chance and always feel free to pass along recommendations if there are any beers that you think I need to try! Links on the title of each beer lead to the full review.

Allagash River Trip

Allagash River Trip: Allagash added a few new canned offerings to the lineup this Spring and completely knocked this one out of the park. A perfect pairing of the expressive Allagash house yeast strain with fruity new world hops in a light and easy drinking beer. This has become a staple in my beer fridge already.

Greater Good Pulp Daddy

Greater Good Pulp Daddy: The tournament-busting flagship DIPA from Greater Good has all of the hop flavor and aroma you crave with the added bonus that you can find it somewhat-regularly out in distribution. A must-try beer for any local IPA fan.

Honest Weight They Reminisce Over You

Honest Weight They Reminisce Over You: You don’t see very many old ales aged in rye whiskey barrels, I know I’ve never had one before, but this beer is just delicious. Layers of rich malt, warming booze, and complexity from the aging process.

CBC The Hopheads Guide To The Galaxy

Cambridge Brewing Co. The Hopheads Guide To The Galaxy: Cambridge Brewing finally jumped into the NEIPA field this spring and they hit the initial offerings out of the park. This Galaxy focused hop-bomb can easily hold it’s own with a few other very highly renowned local beers that feature this particular hop.

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