Hoppy Boston’s Best Beers- Summer 2018

Every month I tell myself that I need to cut back a bit on the hoppy beers and focus my reviews on a more diverse selection of styles. There are always a few things that work against me. The major one is that I love hoppy beers (and so does my wife), so I tend to buy and drink a lot of them. I am clearly not alone in this, as many breweries I visit seem to put out tons of different IPAs and a small smattering of other styles, limiting my choices when I visit. Finally, sometimes I am just grabbing stuff that looks good and not paying enough attention to style diversity, especially when I am on a hoppy beer kick. My goal for the fall (once I get through some of the IPAs in the fridge), is to find some more great malty ales and lagers to populate my best beers list. Please pass on any suggestions! Until then, here are the highest rated beers reviewed on Hoppy Boston this summer. As always all of these beers have been added to the My Favorite Beers page. Cheers!

Lamplighter Rabbit Rabbit

Lamplighter Rabbit Rabbit: A stellar DIPA, huge hop flavor and super drinkable. Everything you want in a New England style hop-bomb.

Mystic Doouble Voltage

Mystic Double Voltage: The big brother of Mystic’s flagship Voltage IPA. They do an amazing job scaling this beer up so it tastes like it’s own beer but you still make the immediate connection to the “single” version.

Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #10

Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #10: Huge hop flavor but incredibly soft and smooth mouthfeel. There are good reasons why people drive for hours to buy beer from Hill Farmstead.

Hill Farmstead Dorothy

Hill Farmstead Dorothy: My favorite beer from the Farmstead ales I’ve tried so far. A complex but subtle mixture of aromatic hops and expressive yeast, none of the flavors are aggressive but they all work together to make a beautiful beer.

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