Exhibit A Pink Boots Were Made For Brewing

The owners and high level employees in the craft beer industry are overwhelmingly male, which has resulted in more than a few breweries operating more like a frat house than a business. There have been reported problems ranging from from inappropriate beer names and labels, questionable activity on social media and even sexual harassment and other culture problems that can drive women out of the industry. One way to help change this culture is to have more women involved in breweries, especially in leadership positions. Lots of women love beer and are interested in brewing, and we all miss out if talented women are never given a chance to shine. The Pink Boots Society was founded to support women in the beer industry, mostly by funding scholarship programs that help women advance their careers through education. This year a number of breweries participated in a fundraiser for the Pink Boots Society. Each participating brewery designed and brewed a beer featuring a special blend of hops, with the female brewery employees (regardless of their position) playing an active role in the entire process. It was great to see the breweries document the process on social media and highlight the contributions of the talented women on their staff. One beer from this project was Pink Boots Were Made For Brewing, a hoppy wheat ale from Exhibit A Brewing made with the Pink Boots hop blend along with grain from Valley Malt and locally grown lemon verbena. Exhibit A Pink Boots Were Made For Brewing is available now on draft and in 16 oz cans, but is almost at the end of it’s run so grab some before it’s gone.

Exhibit A Pink BootsExhibit A Pink Boots Were Made For Brewing pours a clear light orange with a large white head. The scent is solidly hoppy, rich with citrus fruit and floral aromas. The flavor is also very hop forward, notes of peach, lemon, stone fruit and cut grass, but minimal bitterness. The hops are complemented by a light malt backbone, hints of wheat bread and cereal. Pink Boots Were Made For Brewing is very easy drinking and sessionable at 4.8% ABV. The finish is crisp and clean with a little lingering hop flavor. This is a really nice session hoppy wheat ale supporting a great cause. I love that so many breweries participated and made really interesting beers, and I hope this concept becomes a regular feature for Pink Boots Society! Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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