Hoppy Boston Best Beers- Spring 2018

Every three months I write a summary of the best beers I tasted and reviewed over the past quarter. I’ve noticed that many of these articles are getting shorter, with just a few beers that make the top grade in each article. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this change, I write fewer reviews now (although that just means that I am a little more selective with the beers I review), I am a little more picky with the beers I give top grades to, and I’ve gone through the majority of old favorites, so most of the new additions to the top beers list are relatively new to me. Still, I plan on plugging away with my goal of identifying all of the best beers in New England, especially the ones you can find without driving for miles to wait in a long line. Here are three of the best beers I drank and reviewed this spring, the links lead to the full reviews. As always the beers have been added to the My Favorite Beers page, and I encourage my readers to pass along any suggestions.

Medusa Citra LegacyMedusa Citra Legacy: Rye IPAs can be difficult to pull off, especially when they feature some of the fruity hop varieties popular with modern IPAs. It is a challenge to find the right balance between the spicy rye malts and the hops that lets both ingredients sing. Medusa accomplishes the feat here, with the perfect amount of rye complementing the citrusy hop flavor and aroma.

Lamplighter Major TomLamplighter Major Tom: A showcase of the galaxy hop variety and easily one of the most popular Lamplighter beers. Huge hop flavor and aroma, but well crafted and easy to drink so it doesn’t fatigue your palate.

Night Shift MatisseNight Shift Matisse: This award winning saison showcases the expressive Belgian yeast strain in a complex but still easy to drink beer. Matisse toes the line between the classic Belgian style and some of the newer American versions, and would satisfy fans of both.


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