Cambridge Brewing Cerise Cassee

I don’t make it to very many bottle releases. Life is incredibly crazy with the new baby plus work, a toddler and everything else that goes into being a mildly functional human being, so making it to a specific brewery on a bottle release day is rarely in the cards. I’ve been fortunate to mix in a few exceptions lately, where the cards align and I am able to slip into a brewery to grab a special offering. A great example happened last week when Cambridge Brewing Company released Cerise Cassee. I have the good fortune of working right down the road from CBC, so when they announced the release of this beer I was able to run over at lunch and grab a couple bottles (plus a long overdue addition to my glassware collection). Cerise Cassee is a special beer too, it has been a work in progress for 14 years. This is a solera style sour, each year a new batch of ale is brewed, fermented in stainless steel with the house ale yeast, then re-fermented in French oak wine barrels with sour cherries. The barrels aren’t emptied all the way at the end of the year, so each year a new batch is blended with what is left in the barrels from the previous batches. This is the first year Cerise Cassee is being released in bottles, I grabbed one to enjoy now and another to cellar and compare to next years batch. This is a limited release, so head to CBC soon if you want to try the beer!

CBC Cerise CasseeCambridge Brewing Company Cerise Cassee pours deep red with a minimal white head. The scent is a mixture of acidity and some cherry aromas. The flavors imparted by the fermentation lead the flavor, notes of green apple, lemon, barnyard funk and peppercorn. There is also a solid tartness, but it isn’t mouth puckering. The sour cherry is well represented and complements the other flavors well. There is a mild malt backbone, hints of crackers and bread crust. Cerise Cassee is pretty light bodied and easy to drink but packs some serious punch at 9.0% ABV. The finish is tart with some lingering fruit and funk. This is a delicious beer, complex and flavorful but still approachable and drinkable. Grab some of this years batch before it’s gone! Hoppy Boston score: 4.5/5.

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