Cambridge Brewing Co. Pearls of Wisdom

I think I mentioned this pre-hiatus, but it’s worth re-visiting. The Mass Brew Brothers have started Mass Beer Mondays, trying to get more drinkers to focus on local offerings. You can join in by using the hashtag #MassBrewMonday on twitter. I try to keep most of my drinking to the weekends, but to stay in the spirit I will be focusing Monday reviews on Massachusetts beers as much as I can. One MA brewery that has been impressing me lately is Cambridge Brewing Company, they have always brewed some great beers but many of their most interesting offerings were brewery-only. Their recent collaboration with Mystic brewery on a joint facility devoted to wild and barrel aged ales has allowed for an expanded capacity, which means more beers available in bottles. A great example is Pearls of Wisdom, a wild blonde ale re-fermented in oak with multiple strains of Brettanomyces and then blended and dry-hopped in stainless steel. I tried Pearls of Wisdom pre-hiatus and didn’t get a chance to write it up, but it was so good I needed to do the review now even if the beer might not be widely available currently.

CBC Pearls of WisdomCambridge Brewing Co. Pearls of Wisdom pours a hazy copper-orange with a solid white head. The scent is a mixture of funky Brett and floral hops. The flavor is complex, but everything works in harmony. There is plenty of hops, notes of mango, white grape, grapefruit and passion fruit. The yeast is also well represented, touches of sour apple, barnyard, peppercorn and apricot. The malts round out the flavor with hints of bread crust and honey. The beer is medium bodied and very easy to drink, not too boozy at 6.3% ABV. The finish is crisp and dry with a combination of hop and yeast flavors lingering on the tongue. I was really excited when Cambridge Brewing Company and Mystic announced their collaboration, and Pearls of Wisdom is the kind of beer I was looking forward to. This beer is really good, I am not sure if it’s still around or if they will be brewing it again, but I highly recommend trying it if you get a chance. Hoppy Boston score: 4.75/5.

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