Tripel Month Wrap-Up

I am a big fan of the Belgian tripel style, it might be lighter in color but it still packs bold flavor and alcoholic punch. I was disappointed at how few examples I was able to try after naming it the style of the month for March, there are relatively few breweries making tripels. I think tripels are an under utilized style, there is an opportunity in the market for more versions. I would especially love to see some more experimental versions, especially ones with large late doses of New World hops. Come on, who is going to say no to a beer with fruity hops, complex Belgian style yeast and a big hit of booze? Hopefully a few local breweries see this potential and start tinkering with tripel recipes. Here are a few superlative awards base on tripels I have tasted and reviewed, the links lead to the full review when it’s available. Now we are onto April, and the style of the month will be American Pale Ales!

Westmalle TripelThe OG of tripels: Westmalle Tripel. They literally invented the style, and their version is still full of flavor and very easy to drink for a bigger beer.

The “classic for a reason” award: Allagash Tripel. Allagash gets a lot of well-deserved props for their barrel aged and wild ales, but their flagship beers are all stellar versions of classic Belgian styles.

Victory Golden MonkeyA strong runner up in the category: Victory Golden Monkey. Another delicious beer that is readily available and worth re-visiting if it’s been a while.

Tripel that should be part of your regular beer rotation: Slumbrew Trekker Trippel. One of Slumbrew’s flagship beers, bold and boozy with complex flavor. Now available in cans!

Proof that more breweries need to barrel age their tripels: Allagash Curieux. We have so many barrel aged imperial stouts and we are seeing more quads and barleywines, but it’s amazing that more breweries haven’t aged their tripels. Maybe they just realize it would be hard to compete with bourbon barrel aged Curieux.

Overshores Tripel BrunMost interesting experiment with the style: Overshores Tripel Brun. Overshores went the non-traditional route, adding caramel malt and making a slightly darker version of the classic style.

The beer I am really missing this spring: Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits. One of my favorite Pretty Things beers, great use of hops to complement the flavors provided by the yeast. I would love to be drinking a bottle of this right now. Anyone have a good clone recipe?

My favorite local tripel: Idle Hands Triplication. It is good to see Idle Hands back on store shelves, and I am looking forward to checking out their new space. I am hoping that Triplication returns to the regular rotation (and it would be nice to see it in some smaller-form bottles or cans, 750 mL is a lot of tripel).


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