Night Shift Awake

I am starting a new feature on Hoppy Boston, each month I will pick a different beer style as the focus of my reviews. I’ll still mix it up to keep pace with interesting new releases, but the style of the month will dominate. I am going to try and stick to some less-heralded styles, I want to find more […]

Night Shift Maracuya

The business world can be brutally competitive. In most industries each company views any other business that produces a similar product or service as a potential threat. An immense amount of effort is spent on protecting business secrets and trying to corner as large a share of the market as possible. When a competitor falls on hard times it is […]

Night Shift Grove

When it comes to beer styles I try to be an equal opportunity consumer, but I definitely gravitate towards some and shy away from others. One style that I typically avoid is fruit flavored beers as too many use an overpowering amount of fruit to mask the flavor of the beer. The exception I tend to make […]

Nightshift Taza Stout

Some breweries focus on using just the four key ingredients in beer: yeast, malt, hops and water. The wide variety of available malts, hops and strains of yeast give a solid range of flavor profiles. Other breweries, like Night Shift Brewery in Everett, MA, like to use adjuncts, non-traditional ingredients that add complementary flavors to […]