Great North Marzen Rover

I had every intention of spending September and October drinking and reviewing more malty beers, especially marzen/Oktoberfest styles, brown ales and bocks. It hasn’t panned out exactly as I planned. First, I stopped at Industrial Way in Portland, Maine at the end of August and most of the available beers were hoppy (delicious, but very IPA heavy). Then my friend was stopping at Tree House and stocked me up with a bunch more IPAs. Finally, it feels like there are fewer of these medium malt-forward styles available, especially at bottle shops who devote a large portion of their shelf space to stock the most popular styles, leaving limited options for other beers. So, as we count the last days in October I am finally getting around to a couple of marzen reviews this week. The first is Marzen Rover from Great North Brewing Company in Manchester, NH. I’ve enjoyed a number of Great North’s beers but this is my first review, another thing I have fallen behind on. Marzen Rover is a new release this year, their take on the popular marzen/oktoberfest lager style. It is available in the fall on draft and in 16 oz cans.

Great North Marzen RoverGreat North Marzen Rover pours clear copper with a solid off-white head. The aroma features some malty richness along with some old world hops. The malts lead the flavor, notes of biscuits, bread crust, caramel and roasted nuts but minimal lingering sweetness. The hops add balance, some grassy and earthy flavors along with a hint of late bitterness. Marzen Rover is medium bodied, easy drinking and at 5% ABV on the lighter side for the style. It has a clean lager finish with just a touch of lingering malt flavor. Overall this is a really nice marzen, plenty of flavor and super drinkable. Prost! Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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