Hoppy Boston on semi-hiatus

I am putting Hoppy Boston on semi-hiatus for the next few weeks. What exactly is semi-hiatus? I guess we’ll see, I am not going to stop posting totally, but my posts will probably be infrequent for a time. There are a couple reasons for this. The first is a good thing, my wife and I recently closed on a house in the suburbs and over the next couple weeks we are focused on moving and getting settled. There is a ton to do and we need to work around the schedule of our very active one year old. This was an expected complication that I knew would effect my blog output somewhat.

The second reason is much more unexpected, I found out on Monday that my entire department at my “real job” is getting laid off. This blog is my hobby, and while there have been a few fun perks along the way it doesn’t pay the bills. I need to spend my evenings focused on the job search, so my blog posts might be very infrequent for the next few weeks. My last day at work is July 1st, and we move the next week, so I expect the blog will pick back up in mid-July, and the posts will probably be very frequent until I find and start another job. Until then I’ll try to write an occasional review and chat with some of you all on social media. Thanks for your support of Hoppy Boston, once I get going again it will continue to be a fun distraction from some of this crap. Cheers!

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