Atlantic Leaf-Peeping Ale

Although Boston is my home now, I am originally from a very touristy area in coastal Maine. Our main tourist season was always the summer and I understood that, beautiful weather, fresh air, the hills and the ocean drew people out of the city and into our local bed and breakfasts. We also had a smaller secondary tourist season in the fall led by the “leaf peepers”. I never really understood the appeal, I love the fall and the colors are pretty, but there are pretty leaves in Massachusetts and New York too, no real need to drive all the way to Maine to look at trees. To each their own I guess. The changing leaves typically come with cooler weather (although no complaints about this unseasonably warm start to November), which calls for maltier beers. Atlantic Brewing Company brews a fall seasonal called Leaf-Peeper Ale, a malty but sessionable American amber ale made for the fall tourists (and locals as well). It is available now on draft and in 12 oz. bottles.

Atlantic Leaf-Peeping AleAtlantic Leaf-Peeping Ale pours a deep amber with a moderate off-white head. The scent is pretty mild, some subtle maltiness. The taste is malt forward, notes of caramel, grainy bread and honey. This is balanced by a little dose of noble hops, grassy and earthy. Leaf-Peeping Ale is medium bodied and goes down smooth, and is sessionable at 4.9% ABV. The finish is clean with just a touch of lingering malt sweetness. Atlantic Leaf-Peeping Ale is a well made version of an amber ale, full flavored and easy to drink, enough body to stand up to cool fall nights and hearty food. Definitely worth a try if you are a fan of the style. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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