Singlecut Billy Full-Stack

While some of the beers I review are spur of the moment selections, many are recommended to me from various sources. I read a number of other beer blogs/columns, plus I follow other beer writers on twitter, and they always have ideas. I also follow a number of breweries, and many have added me to their PR e-mail lists so I see announcements for new releases or returning favorites. All of these sources are a great way to discover new beers, but one of the best is chatting with the employees at a beer-centric bottle shop. I love the Craft Beer Cellar franchise because they focus on quality (and fresh when appropriate) product, they sell everything in singles, and they attract a staff of Beer Geeks who are passionate and knowledgeable. I usually make a point to ask for recommendations on each visit, and they have introduced me to a number of great beers over the years. On a recent visit Brian at CBC Newton recommended that I try Billy Full-Stack, the DIPA from Singlecut Brewery in Astoria, NY. There was a lot of excitement when Singlecut expanded distribution to MA, and this beer was one of the big reasons. I had previously enjoyed Half-Stack, their single IPA, and was definitely willing to give Full-Stack a shot. Singlecut Billy Full-Stack is available year round on draft and in 16.9 oz. bottles.

Singlecut Full Stack IPASinglecut Billy Full-Stack DIPA pours a hazy deep orange with a full white head. The scent is a huge burst of new world hops, tons of citrus and tropical fruit. The hops also dominate the flavor, notes of grapefruit, papaya, mango, lemon and pine with a soft but noticeable bitterness. There is just enough malt to keep the hop flavor from overwhelming, mild caramel and whole grain bread. This beer is incredibly easy to drink, there is no booze in the flavor at all, even with  8.6% ABV. The finish is clean with some lingering hop flavor and crisp bitterness. Singlecut Billy Full-Stack is a great DIPA, tons of flavor without going overboard. This is why you always take recommendations from your favorite local Beer Geeks, they rarely lead you astray! Hoppy Boston score: 4.75/5.

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