Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia

This beer review is blog post #300 on Hoppy Boston. I am proud to be almost two years into writing this blog and going strong. I am still having a blast tasting beer, writing reviews and trying to mix in other types of posts to keep things fresh. Thank you all for reading and for your feedback. I have a bunch of ideas for the blog moving forward that I hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to pass along any comments, my goal is to continually improve as I write the next 300 posts on Hoppy Boston!

In addition to writing this blog I follow/read a number of other local and national beer blogs. It is a fun way to learn about beers and to see how different writers communicate information and attempt to keep their posts entertaining and informative. One recent post on another blog caught me off guard a little, they were writing about an IPA (one I personally enjoyed drinking) and the writer basically just wrote “meh, just another IPA” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea). I don’t think the problem here was a mediocre beer, I think the author was going through IPA burnout. With so many hop-forward beers on the market I find that my palate gets a little burned out every so often and I need to switch it up. This fall/winter I intentionally focused on maltier beers and gave my tastebuds a break, and when I came back to IPAs I felt a renewed interest in the style. Now I am drinking tons of hop forward beer, although I’m intentionally mixing in non-hoppy beers to keep things exciting. One IPA I enjoyed recently was Ambrewsia, the flagship IPA from Brewmaster Jack. Ambrewsia is brewed with 5 varieties of hops and fermented to a low final gravity to accentuate the hop flavor. Ambrewsia is available year round on draft and in 12 oz. bottles.

Brewmaster Jack AmbrewsiaBrewmaster Jack Ambrewsia pours a clear amber orange with a solid off white head. The scent is an aromatic mixture of fruity and floral hops. The flavor is very hop forward, notes of lemon, orange, pine, peach and grapefruit. This is accompanied by aggressive bitterness – this beer definitely bites back a little. The malts are muted, just a touch of grainy bread to add some balance. Ambrewsia is medium bodied and solidly boozy at 7% ABV. The finish is clean and dry with a lingering hop flavor and tongue-numbing (in a good way) bitterness. Overall Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia is a tasty IPA that celebrates the diverse bouquet of American hops, definitely worth a shot for all of the hop heads out there. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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