HoppyBoston Best Beers: Spring 2015

This winter I launched the “My Favorite Beers” tab as a way to keep track of all of the highest rated beers that I’ve reviewed on the blog (you can find the complete list HERE). I observed a few trends as I compiled the list. First, it was very IPA/DIPA heavy. This isn’t a huge surprise, I love these styles, but I felt that the list could use a little more balance. I also noticed that there were a number of my favorite local beers that were conspicuously absent. I tend to gear my reviews towards what is new and exciting, and some times that means bypassing old favorites. I am still drinking these beers, just not writing about them. So starting this spring I’ve made a conscious effort to mix in reviews of classic and established beers along with the newest releases. You’ll see this trend continue over the coming months as I try to flesh out the rest of the “My Favorite Beers” section. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if there are any great local beers that I need to add! Here are my favorite beers of the spring with links to the full reviews:

Troegs Nugget NectarTroegs Nugget Nectar: This beer generates quite a bit of buzz for a readily available seasonal release. The hype is justified, huge hop flavor and aroma complemented by a full amber malty backbone. This is a beer worth coming back to every year.

Jack's Abby Hoponius UnionJack’s Abby Hoponius Union: One of my go-to local beers, bright and bold hops in a crisp and clean lager. Some people are critical of the idea of “India Pale Lager” as a beer style, but it is hard to deny the greatness of this beer.

Mayflower PorterMayflower Porter: I love porter, especially in the winter, and this might be my all-time favorite version of the style. Bold and tasty with rich chocolate and coffee flavors but still smooth and easy to drink.

Pretty Things Jack D'OrPretty Things Jack D’Or: The beer that converted me into a fan of the saison style, and still one of my favorite examples. Expressive Belgian yeast, diverse malt additions and a solid kick of hops meld in perfect balance. A staple of the MA beer scene for good reason.

Bog Iron Middle ChildBog Iron Middle Child: I’ve now sampled the majority of Bog Iron’s regular offerings and this is my personal favorite. Juicy New World hops, enough malt for balance, and incredibly easy to drink for a bigger beer. It’s worth the drive to Norton for this beer alone.

Founders PorterFounders Porter: A classic for a reason. Tons of rich malty flavor and very drinkable. Beers like this can be overlooked because they are so widely available, but this is an incredible beer from a national stalwart.

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